Frequently Asked Questions

1. How frequently should I meet up with my mentor(ee)?

We suggest you meet with your pair for a minimum of one hour each month of the semester. You are welcome to meet for longer.

2. Will I know who I'm paired with?

Both you and your partner will receive an email from the PNMGC team with your mentoring pair names and number.

3. What if I want a different mentor(ee)?

If you find this to be the case with your match, notify us immediately and we will work to re-match you with someone else.

4. Who is eligible to participate and receive the PNMGC Scholarship?

All registered UNM students can join PNMGC. The Fall 2023 scholarship will be awarded to 60 students who complete the scholarship requirements and submit a scholarship application along with a 500-word reflection by the set deadline at the end of the semster.

5. What if my mentor(ee) hasn't contacted me?

If your mentor/mentee is not being responsive about scheduling monthly meetings, please let our team know IMMEDIATELY.

6. When & how will I receive my scholarship?

You will receive your scholarship a week or two after the last day of the semester. The scholarship amount will be directly deposited into your Bursar account. Please contact the Bursar office if you have any questions regarding direct deposits.

7. What if I miss orientation?

You MUST complete the orientation before the set deadline. If you feel you are unable to meet a scholarship requirement, we encourage you to continue to participate in the Peer Mentoring Program.

8. Do both mentor(ee)s have to fill out the Mentoring Session Tracking Form?

Every student is responsible for filling out FOUR separate Mentoring Session Tracking Forms. It is suggested to meet each month of the semester.


If you have any concerns, please contact the PNMGC team immediately so we can discuss the situation further.