Workshops & Events

These workshops will be held both in-person and online. Workshops will be held in the Student Union Building, Luminaria room. To attend over Zoom, please email or check the PNMGC listserv announcements.


3 September11:00 AMOrientation
8 September3:00 PMSecond Orientation
23 September5:00 PMHispanic Heritage Month
27 September12:00 PMBuilding Boundaries
6 October2:00 PMInterview Skills Workshop
11 October3:00 PMMyths of Columbus
11 November12:00 PMImmigration and Asylum: A Discussion
12 November12:00 PMFinancial Literacy for Marginalized Students of Color
22 November12:00 PMFinancial Literacy
6 December3:00 PMEnd of the Semester Event