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Lead Graduate Project Assistant

Glenda Lewis is a PhD Candidate in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies; with primary research interest in intersectionality. A compassionate intellectual, Glenda possesses the vision, passion and leadership style required to build community capacity and consensus, while being an active agent of social change. Glenda has dedicated her life to teaching, sharing knowledge and empowering others.

Graduate Project Assistant

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Mark attended Stanford University where he graduated with a B.A. in Psychology with Honors in 1976. Before returning to graduate school at UNM to pursue a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Mark was involved in a longtime career in the fields of aging,gerontology, and human services. Most recently, Mark completed a graduate assistantship with the Graduate Professional and Students Association (GPSA) as Chief of Staff, and was recognized by Who's Who Among Graduate Students of America. Mark enjoys playing guitar, running, yoga, and spending time with family and friends.

Graduate Project Assistant

Theresah Napetey was born and raised in Ghana, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Economics & Sociology. She attained her master’s degree in Public Administration from UNM, and is currently pursuing her second master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is married and blessed with two beautiful kids, Efua & Kofi. Her desires are to be at the forefront of public policy and community development in public and non-profit organizations to better the lives of individuals in the community. She enjoys reading and listening to music.

Graduate Project Assistant

Jaen Emmanuel Ugalde Becerra is undocumented with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and unafraid Mēxihcah from Tlalnepantla, Mexico. Jaen grew up in Los Angeles, California and has been living in Albuquerque for 13 years. Currently, Jaen is pursuing an M.A. in Language Literacy and Socialcultural Studies (LLSS) with a concentration in Educational Thought & Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico. He works in partnership with community to support immigrant families and develop leadership for capacity building, community organizing and civic engagement. For the past 10 years he has been involved in cultivating leadership and is inspired to devoting his life to working with undocumented immigrant students and families. Some of Jaen's research interest revolve around poverty, resilience, inequity, critical race studies, interfaith organizing and community economic development. After graduating from UNM, he plans to continue working with immigrant communities in Albuquerque as an educator before pursuing a Ph.D. in Theological Studies.

Graduate Project Assistant

Brandon De Flon was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He attended Del Norte high school playing basketball, football and tennis. He received his undergraduate schooling under UNM's engineering school obtaining dual Bachelor's degrees in civil & construction engineering. He is currently enrolled, as a graduate student, in UNM's mathematics and statistics department working towards finishing up his Master's degree in applied statistics. He previously worked for UNM's enrollment management division building SAS logistical models and assisting with reporting efforts. He has a goal of giving back to his local community by supporting UNM students with their collegiate goals.