2022 Faculty of Color Awards

One award was presented in each of the following categories:

  1. Mentorship - Recognizing a faculty member who has provided exemplary efforts to positively impact students of color’s educational experiences.
  2. All Around Support - Recognizing a faculty member who has provided exemplary efforts to positively impact the educational experiences of students of color including academic development, leadership initiative, social support & networking, and mentorship. (Ex: Research, teaching and service.) Note: This is inclusive of the mentorship category, listed above, but with further requirements.

2022 Recipients


Dr. Jose Luis Serrano Nájera  |  2022 Mentoring Award Recipient

Dr. José Luis Serrano Nájera is proud son of immigrant parents from Guerrero and Zacatecas by way of Mexicali, Baja California, México. He was a community college transfer student who ended up focusing on Chicana/o/x History at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Professor Serrano Nájera’s research foci are national and transnational Civil and Human Rights activism and social movements utilizing archival and oral history research methods. In the past, Professor Serrano Nájera’s publications have focused on advocacies, social movements, and armed insurrections countering colonial and imperial powers in U.S. and México during the modern era.

In his teaching, Professor Serrano Nájera emphasizes cultural, political, social, and transnational topical foci, while at the same time working to achieve student learning objectives of understanding diversity, intersectionality, and the development of Chicana/o/x communities across the U.S.

"Dr. Serrano Nájera has tutored me in a way on how to create a way to address my fears and focus on my numerous concerns and community commitments to stimulate my academic path, aspirations, and self-views."


Dr. Carlos LópezLeiva  |  2022 All-Around Award Recipient

Carlos A. LópezLeiva is an Associate Professor in Bilingual and Mathematics Education in the Department of Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies at the University of New Mexico. Carlos’ work focuses on teaching and learning ecologies in intercultural educational spaces—regarding dynamics of social interactions, language uses and ideologies, task designs, relationship development, as well as what counts as mathematics—and how they mediate members’ participation in and meaning-making of mathematical practices, activity, and perceptions of self. These foci transfer into collaborative interdisciplinary funded/nonfunded research regarding: (1) Issues of Equity and Social Justice in Social Interactions, (2) Out-of-School Interdisciplinary Mathematics Teaching and Learning, (3) In-School Interdisciplinary Mathematics Teaching and Learning, and (4) Bilingual Teacher Preparation.

“It has been a pleasure and honor to work under his guidance as I have come to appreciate the deep care and concern that he demonstrates for the different facets of his work.”

2022 Nominees

  • Professor Levi Romero; Chicana/o Studies
  • Dr. Yoo Kyung Sung; Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
  • Dr. Cathy (Huaqing) Qi; College of Education and Human Sciences